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With a overview via Tom Christiansen, one of many unique Perl founders, this can be probably the most accomplished books out there, overlaying Perl OOP constitution, socket programming, HTML conversions, development net seek utilities, and extra! * Focuses seriously at the home windows NT model of Perl * presents assurance of complicated Perl subject matters, together with object-oriented programming with Perl * CD-ROM comprises the entire digital model of the publication in HTML layout, in addition to different Que books

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Extremely useful, especially during development; warning messages can confuse browsers if sent raw TIP The -e option is handy for quick Perl operations from the command line. BAT to bars? " You can supply Perl command-line arguments in the interpreter-invocation line in UNIX scripts. 002, because it may produce spurious warnings. Also, take care when you use the -w switch in scripts that send data to Web browsers. Warning messages sent before the browser receives a content-type line may result in an error message.

But for the type of task for which Perl is normally used-and certainly for the types of tasks that we'll be using it for in this book-these automatic conversions are smooth, intuitive, and generally a Good Thing. \n"; This script yields the following: My name is Yon Yonson, I work in Wisconsin, I work in a lumbermill there. htm (8 of 31) [2/17/2007 1:22:59 PM] Chapter 1 -- Perl Overview Signed: Yon Yonson, Wisconsin. Don't worry-it gets better. Arrays A collection of scalars is an array. An array-variable name starts with an at symbol (@), whereas an explicit array of scalars is written as a comma-separated list within parentheses, as follows: @trees = ("Larch", "Hazel", "Oak"); Array subscripts are denoted by brackets.

Logical Operators Two operators-|| (or) and && (and)-are used like glue to hold Perl programs together. They take two operands and return either true or false, depending on the operands. In the following example, if either $Saturday or $Sunday is true, $Weekend will be true, too: $Weekend = $Saturday || $Sunday; In the next example, $Solvent is true only if $income is greater than 3 and $debts is less than 10: $Solvent = ($income > 3) && ($debts < 10); Now consider the logic of evaluating one of these expressions.

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