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By Arthur Kroker

Spasm is the Nineties. A theory-fiction in regards to the crash international of digital truth, from the chilly intercourse of Madonna Mutant, the natural intercourse of Michael Jackson and the useless intercourse of Elvis to the technological fetishes of Silicon Valley. Written from the views of cultural politics, song, images, cinema and cyber-machine art,Spasm explores the ecstasy and fadeout of stressed tradition. the following, we by surprise locate ourselves the population of a glittering, yet vaguely menacing, technological galaxy the place the machines ultimately start to speak.

Spasm is a book/CD to take besides you in your hacker trip of the digital frontier.

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Sampler music, then, as a new ecological relationship between the primary scene of human memory and digital implants. In sampler music, we revisit the territory of remembered objects, but in a distorted way. A machinal memory sequencer can put aside for a moment a succession of sound objects, which can later be retrieved, resumed, or abandoned. A floating world of liquid memory, working by the irreal rules of radical juxtaposition of unlike sound objects, dumps speedmetal into the inertial gravity waves of slow funk.

We are now living in the evolutionary era of improved eardrums, of cyber ears for spastic sounds. If digital music is to be appreciated, there is an urgent necessity for the development of algorithmic ears: for eardrums that can hear sounds that do not yet exist, and that can never be replicated by the human voice. Consequently, what is necessary is not the recovery of the ear as a privileged orifice for the nostalgic return of oral culture, but the growth of new ears-digital ears-as a sign of nostalgia for the future.

Disappearing into its own trompe l’oeil, the electronic vortex of the floating self is finally liberated of (fixed) identityi of (determinate) gender, of (localized) history, and of (bodily) subjectivity. An electronic trompe l’oeil, where virtual reality means the triumph of illusion, virtual experience involves the aesthetic redefinition of the order of the real, while the virtual self, an android processor, vanishes down the electronic highway from nothing to nowhere. : Maybe we are already living in another dimension of space travel: in a sub-space warp jump, a virtual reality where we can finally recognize that we are destined to leave this planet because we have already exited this body.

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