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Sowjetische Bombenflugzeuge

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Notice that an intensional definition is more practical for large sets, and required for infinitely large ones like the set of all even numbers. A Warlpiri speaker need not store the set of plurals as an extensionally defined list, since the reduplication rule defines this set intensionally as a function from the set of singulars. 9 Two characterizations of the set of Warlpiri plurals Extensional: {kurdukurdu, kaminakamina, mardukujamar- dukuja, . . } Intensional: { x x such that x is a singular noun} The intensional characterization reflects the rule-governed nature of the relationship between singulars and plurals.

If the person ceases to exist, that particular person’s language ceases to exist. In other words, we have been talking about the Samoan language and the Warlpiri language, but we have been doing so informally. From a linguistic perspective, each Warlpiri speaker and each Samoan speaker has his or her own set of symbols and rules, what we call his or her own mental grammar, his or her own I-language. If this is so, that each Warlpiri speaker actually has his or her own individual mental grammar, then how can Warlpiri speakers communicate with each other?

2 Equivalence classes Let’s elaborate on the notion of “variable” used above. The various nouns of Warlpiri have different pronunciations, and yet we are able to treat them all as members of a set or class of elements that are all subject to the same rule. In other words, any noun can stand in for the variable x in the Warlpiri rule to give the output x x. ” However, there is another kind of abstraction that is necessary before we even can refer to the nouns in this class. If five Warlpiri speakers utter kurdu, the actual sound will be different coming from each speaker—there are differences in the shapes and masses of their vocal apparatus, so that an old man and a young child will produce tokens of kurdu with very different physical characteristics.

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