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By Robert Silverberg

The Long-Awaited Prequel! 1000 years sooner than Lord Valentine, the future of kings is hostage to sorcery and deceit. on the earth Majipoor, it's a time of serious switch. The elderly Pontifex Prankipin, who introduced sorcery (and prosperity) to the Fifty towns of chateau Mount, is death. The Coronal Lord Confalume, who turns into alternative is selected. it truly is no mystery that the subsequent Coronal can be prince Prestimion. by way of legislation and customized, the blood son of the current Coronal--has a mystery quarry--the Starburst Crown. Visited by way of an oracle, Korsibar has heard a prophecy that may plunge the planet right into a fearsome conflagration and change future itself: "You will shake the world!"

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The end of a great monarch’s life, yes, to be sure. But also the commencement of a new reign, the advancement of a distinguished Coronal to the even higher authority 18 ROBERT SILVERBERG of the Pontificate, the selection of a promising prince of the realm as the world’s Coronal Lord. One cycle closes, another begins. Therefore the games should have a double purpose: to welcome the new monarchs of the world to their seats, yes, but also to celebrate the life of the one who is leaving us. And so I feel that it is right and proper and natural to embark on the games while Prankipin still lives.

All along the streets that ran between the circular avenues were rows of flat-roofed nine-storied warehouses, each very much like its neighbor, in which goods destined for transshipment to other zones of the continent could temporarily be stored. It was an uninteresting but necessary place, and its appearance was in keeping with its function. Located as it was in a district of Alhanroel where little rain fell except for a couple of months in the winter, Sisivondal did without the grand and lavish ornamental gardens that were a distinctive mark of nearly all the cities of Majipoor.

Yes, and water is dry, and fire is cool, and sweet is sour. Korsibar! Fastidious! ” It was Dantirya Sambail, the abrasive and ferocious prince who held the title of Procurator of Nimoya. Into the antechamber now he strode, hardsoled boots clacking against the black marble of the floor, and instantly he was the center of all attention. ” “What has happened,” Lord Confalume replied, matching Dantirya Sambail’s choleric loudness with his own sweetest and most pleasant tone, “is that your kinsman of Muldemar has suggested the immediate inception of the funeral games, because we are all becalmed here unhappily as Prankipin keeps his grasp on life.

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