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By B. J. Holmes

This name bargains hundreds and hundreds of examples to demonstrate how crossword clues paintings and is helping readers know the way crosswords are created and the way to interpret the clues.

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Figuratively ‘knocks out’). Putting the two components together we get FLOORS/HOW which we split appropriately to get the answer: FLOOR SHOW, a synonym for ‘cabaret’. Similarly in the next one, the first part of the clue has two meanings. ‘Man in Lead Collapses’ for instance (8) ‘Man in Lead Collapses’ is simultaneously an instruction for getting the answer while at the same time being an example of the answer. ‘Collapses’ tells us we have an anagram of IN LEAD, so we have HE (‘Man’) + ADLINE = HEADLINE — which the phrase ‘Man in Lead Collapses’ could be in a newspaper!

It also puts an onus on the solver who has to read and interpret the clue twice. Many ‘double duty’ clues are relatively easy and are often included for our enjoyment rather than as a mind-boggling challenge. The next one is a little awkward in appearance but it no doubt gave satisfaction to its compiler as it certainly provides satisfaction when we work out why our solution is correct. First parent (either) (4) 57 OTHER TYPES OF CLUE A first reading of the clue suggests ADAM or EVE, and on that basis we would plump for ADAM — if for no other reason than EVE doesn’t have the requisite number of letters.

Very often, both the first and last letter ploys are used in the same clue. That first and last letters are to be selected will be indicated by a phrase such as ‘extremes of’. In the following, ‘extremely’ has the same function. Arrive extremely dirty — it makes you laugh (6) ‘Arrive’ calls for COME while ‘extremely dirty’ clues DY to give us COME+DY = COMEDY. ) can also signify that we have to borrow two letters. INTERMEDIATE LETTERS — THE MIDDLE Moreover, other letters from a given word can be selected for use.

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