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By Paul J. McAuley

In baby of the River and Ancients of Days -- superb, visionary works of technological know-how fiction -- award-winning writer Paul J. McAuley rigorously uncovered the intricately attractive weave of Confluence, a war-torn and loss of life man-made international seeded with 10000 genetically manipulated bloodlines. Now a bad future is illuminated -- and the large scope of the vanished Preservers' old dream is ultimately printed -- within the concluding bankruptcy of a masterful epic of god-playing, destiny, and future,Years earlier than the delivery of Yama -- the final descendant of the respected developers who developed the factitious global of Confluence -- people seemed from out of the depths of time and area to tip its fragile stability. those have been the Ancients of Days, ancestors of the long-absent Preservers themselves, carried ahead throughout eons by means of the relativistic paradox of interstellar light-speed shuttle. What the Ancients of Days delivered to Confluence was once heresy and doubt, environment bloodline opposed to bloodline, laptop opposed to desktop, and igniting the bad flames of civil battle that also ravage the world.Alone between all of the dwelling issues that populate Confluence, Yama holds the facility to finish this conflict. Whichever part controls him controls the myriad machines of the area, Held captive and helpless, contaminated through the harsh cognizance of an exceptional feral computer allied with the heretic reason, Yama is being solid right into a weapon of bad energy and consequence.Yet the original fireplace that burns inside of him should not extinguished, and, as Yama struggles to reclaim his soul, he realizes that the trail he'd suggestion he used to be touring freely could have been mapped due to the fact that earlier than his start. And on the finish of all issues, may still he settle for his future or exert his loose will?

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The city had been built from land coral. Here and there patches which were still alive had thrown up spires and brain-like hummocks and had smothered one of the tower stumps in a lattice of red threads, but most of the city was dead, piled in heaps of rubble that bordered the cleared streets. Trenches had been dug everywhere, lit by dabs of foxfire or strings of red or green electric lights. Soldiers squatted around heat boxes or campfires; a few scouts stood on platforms behind sandbags, scanning the enemy lines, which were only two leagues distant.

Not exactly Yamamanama," Dr. Dismas told Enobarbus. " The two men stood on either side of Yama's big, disordered bed. Yama could not move, but suddenly he had a dizzy vision of his paralyzed body from above; the Shadow had possessed one of the little machines which spun in the air, and was feeding him its optical output. A pentad of officers with red capes falling around their battle armor stood behind Enobarbus. One of the officers was writing on a slate. Its green-and-white light flickered in flowing patterns tugged here and there by his stylus.

He was still struggling to free himself from Yama's grip. " An age ago, Yama and his stepbrother, Telmon, had liked to listen to Sergeant Rhodean's stories about the battles at the midpoint of the world. This had been in the gymnasium of the peel-house, and the old soldier had scratched the positions and lines of attacking and opposing armies in the packed red clay of the floor with the point of an old javelin. He had taught Yama and Telmon that the best commanders overcame their enemies by wisdom as much as by force.

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