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By David C. Gompert

Notes the expanding hole within the abilitiy of the U.S. and eu militaries to function efectively with one another, and examines how you can tackle the problem.

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9 As the leading European allies now contemplate conducting combat operations away from Europe, they too must face up to the need to transform their forces for effectiveness against rising dangers. S. allies must embrace solely for fear of being marginalized. Rather, it is the pathway to a way of warfare that exploits information technology in order to 7There is in fact a growing sense within the EU that the Petersberg catalogue needs to be reconsidered and redefined to provide greater clarity and more attention to warfighting missions.

This approach is to be complemented by coordination and pooling of capabilities with Germany’s European allies. Bundeswehr Reform is sufficient to the extent it aims at capabilities for stability operations, which will remain an important German mission in any case. S. forces in advanced expeditionary warfare. This does not mean that Bundeswehr Reform ought to be shelved. On the contrary, failure to implement it for any reason would undermine Germany’s ability to perform even stability operations, as well as its credibility in NATO and the EU, and any hope that it can move beyond reform to transformation.

Chemical and biological detection, prevention, and decontamination. This task remains an Achilles heel even 44 23Emphasis on airlift capacity is, of course, also in line with European defense industrial goals. $ in advanced expeditionary warfare. Allies can be as capable as the United States in improving and expanding these capabilities. • In-theater mobility. As with long-range airlift, the United States, given its own needs, will not be able to move allied forces or supplies swiftly throughout the theater.

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