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By Jacquelyn Frank

ICY RECEPTIONAmbrea Vas Allay is the rightful inheritor to the throne of Allay. but if she is summoned domestic from exile, she discovers that her father, who had finished her mom, has died. Her younger half-brother, managed by means of their uncle, has taken energy. Ambrea is torn through an very unlikely selection: surrender the crown or waste away in legal. the very last thing she expects is to be liberated via an incredible, tattooed Tarian—or to consider a searing ardour for her mysterious rescuer. SMOLDERING DECEPTIONRush “Ender” Blakely loves being a part of the elite strength of the Interplanetary defense force and the venture to avoid wasting the princess Allay. however the difficult Tarian hides a fiery secret—a blazing energy that makes him actually too scorching to deal with. He has to be loopy to hold a torch for this powerful, attractive princess—when any intimacy among them is sure to be explosive. BLAZING INSURRECTIONAs Ambrea steels herself to take again the throne, does she dare entrust this hot stranger with the destiny of an empire—and, much more so, together with her center?

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That would be a disaster. If Qua ever looked favorably on his sister, she could interfere with all of Balkin’s plans; she could drive a tremendous wedge into the grip he planned to grasp the boy with. “No matter,” Balkin said dismissively, “get a good meal in you, nephew. Dress more comfortably. ” “Thank you, Uncle. ” Balkin went to the door and called in Qua’s servants, instructing them in the feeding and caring of the new emperor. Then he excused himself and walked down the palace halls. He rubbed at his aching temples as he did so, unable to help resenting his brother for leaving him with this entirely ruinous mess.

But Ambrea was not comfortable with putting others too much at risk. Perhaps there would be a time and a place for her to take part in the orchestration of a shift in power, but she had not seen the right opportunity and had never been comfortable with the idea of unseating her father who was emperor by birthright. But now that her brother was emperor, that made for a very different game. For in her heart she knew she was empress of Allay. The hastily passed laws of a bitter tyrant could not change what blood had dictated.

One of the guards was kind enough to bring her a bucket of clean, warm water every morning, so she was able to fumble around her clothes with her back to both cameras and make a semi-decent job of maintaining personal hygiene. Another of the gaolers had brought in a second cot for Suna. He had also brought them warmer blankets and plenty of them. It would perhaps help stave off the inevitable chill-colds that she and Suna would be subjected to during their incarceration in the wet rooms. She recalled that during her last visit in the catacombs she had not been able to shake the first chill-cold she had caught, and it had quickly morphed into something that had nearly killed her.

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