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By Rolf Slotboom

Rolf Slotboom and Rob Hollink sign up for forces to supply THE definitive advisor, short-handed Pot-Limit Omaha (tables with six or fewer players).

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We don’t explain any of the terms and abbreviations that were already used in the first book, assuming this should be basic knowledge by now. And finally, the information we provide is far from an absolute truth. Quite the contrary: Rob and I differ on many issues, and some of the strange plays in this book obviously carry my signature, while some of the rather crazy plays from Rob’s high-stakes games would be definite money-burners in the much smaller games that I tend to play. In other words: If you expect an ABC type of book that starts with starting hands/preflop play all the way to the final chapter on playing the river, you have picked the wrong book.

It still didn’t affect my win rate much — but it was nonetheless the start of what I call “the demise of shortstacking in full-ring”. After the release of my book the floodgates opened and a whole bunch of ultra-tight shortstackers started tackling the small games to build their bankrolls with relatively little risk — and slowly but surely they worked their way up to the middle limits. Now that I had pointed out in detail what it was that the shortstackers were doing, and where exactly we gained our edge, more and more people started complaining about those “pesky short stacks” that were “ruining the games”.

These uniform three big blind raises tend to promote multi-way action. I have always been fond of multiway pots where I can maneuver my opponents into making mistakes, get people caught in the middle, or represent hands at relatively little cost — meaning I am usually the main beneficiary from this extra meat in the pot. ) Of course, there’s no such thing as a free lunch. The uniform raises tactic also has some clear disadvantages: ♠ You don’t always maximize your profits. If you face one player who would have called a pot raise in a situation where he shouldn’t, yet you stick to just your standard raise, you give up value.

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