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By Mercedes Lackey

From the New York Times bestselling writer Mercedes Lackey comes modern fable Sacred Ground―now again in print!

Jennifer Talldeer is Osage and Cherokee, granddaughter of a robust drugs guy. She walks a tricky course: opposite to tribal customized, she is studying a warrior's magics. a contract deepest investigator, Jennifer tracks down stolen local American artifacts.

The development of a brand new shopping center uncovers fragments of human bone, revealing attainable desecration of an historical burial flooring. in the meantime, the sabotage of development gear on the web site implicates many activists―particularly Jennifer's past love, who's extra beautiful and hazardous than ever. Worst of all, the grave of Jennifer's mythical medication guy ancestor has been destroyed, his instruments of energy scattered, and a superb evil freed to stroll the land.

Jennifer needs to make peace with the numerous factions and resolve the secret of her ancestor's grave earlier than the area falls into oblivion.

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Her only defense was her spotless record. Well, mostly spotless, and she had never been caught. . She would see him in court; as soon as she got back to the office, she would be calling one of the local tribal lawyers she worked with, and he would file a restraining order on Ralph, preventing him from selling anything until a licensed appraiser had a chance to look at it. And right now, she was going to ask him to word it in such a way that Ralph would be violating the law if his wife took something to a garage sale.

He could only continue to do as he had been doing, and hope that sooner or later he would find another path, or she would find one. Until that happened, Kestrel was certainly a bitch to be around. " The tinny voice did not sound terribly glad, but that could have been either Corporate Manner or simply the bad speaker in her phone. " "I was out on a case," she said simply, hoping that it was either of those two. "I called as soon as I got your message. There was something about an investigation of trouble at a construction site?

She couldn't fault him or the company, really. Criminality was not their business, and he was evidently quite conscious of the fact that he was hiring her to find information that might prove to be harmful to her people. This was the best compromise he could offer. Yeah, I know what I have to do -turn the evidence or even the suspicions over to the police. This is murder; my duty lies with those who were killed, even as an Osage shaman-or at least the kind of shaman Grandfather has taught me to be.

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