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By William C. Carter

The acclaimed Proust biographer William C. Carter portrays Proust’s amorous adventures and misadventures from youth via his grownup years, providing the place acceptable Proust’s personal delicate, clever, and sometimes dissatisfied observations approximately love and sexuality. Proust is published as a guy agonizingly stuck among the consistent worry of public publicity as a gay and the necessity to locate and convey love. In telling the tale of Proust in love, Carter additionally indicates how the author’s studies turned significant topics in his novel looking for misplaced Time.Carter discusses Proust’s adolescent sexual stories, his disastrous brothel stopover at to healing gay tendencies, and his first nice loves. He additionally addresses the duel Proust fought after the journalist Jean Lorrain alluded to his homosexuality in print, his flirtations with decent ladies and high-class prostitutes, and his affairs with younger males of the servant type. With new revelations approximately Proust’s love lifestyles and a gallery of pictures, the booklet presents an remarkable glimpse of Proust’s homosexual Paris.

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The list of those to whom I am deeply and happily indebted includes Robert Bowden; Elyane Dezon-Jones; Anne-Marie Bernard; Marie-Colette Lefort; Robert Blumenfeld; Bob Borson; the late Dr. L. M. ; J. P. Smith; Claudia Moscovici; Caroline Szylowicz, Kolb-Proust Librarian at the Kolb-Proust Archive for Research, University of Illinois Library; my friends and colleagues at the University of Alabama at Birmingham's Mervyn H. Sterne Library; my editors at Yale University Press, John Kulka and Dan Heaton; and, as always, and especially, my wife, Lynn.

In an interview many years later, Halevy recalled the "beastly" manner in which he and his friends treated Marcel: "He figured among us as a sort of archangel, disturbed and disturbing ... with his great oriental eyes, his big white collar, his flying cravat. There was something about him we found unpleasant.... His kindnesses, his tender attentions, his caresses ... we often labeled as mannerisms, poses, and we took occasion to tell him so to his face.... We were rough with him. "' In 1888, at age seventeen, brimming with literary ambition and adolescent lust, the poor wretch, impervious to earlier rebuffs, upped the ante and sent his classmates poems and letters celebrating love between boys and offering himself as an eager partner for sexual initiations.

30 Proust's friends, unlike those of the fortunate Glaukos, rejected his sexual overtures and tormented him because he dared to make such advances and because his clinging possessiveness annoyed and exasperated them. The crisis of sexual identity is one of the most traumatic and dangerous that an adolescent can face. An important element of Proust's literary genius lies in his ability to see and depict the humorous as well as the serious side of such human predicaments. Young Proust, seen by others and often depicted by himself in early letters as the incarnation of the wretched, insecure mama's boy, proved to be a precocious psychologist and a gifted comic, who loved to mimic his friends and professors.

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