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It’s an XML term used to indicate items delimited by start tags and end tags. But it’s also a word used in Silverlight to refer to visual objects, and in fact, the word element shows up in the names of two actual Silverlight classes. Many of the classes you use in Silverlight are part of this important class hierarchy: Object DependencyObject (abstract) UIElement (abstract) FrameworkElement (abstract) Besides UIElement, many other Silverlight classes derive from DependencyObject. But UIElement has the distinction of being the class that has the power to appear as a visual object on the screen and to receive user input.

In games, text is usually relegated to describing how the game works or displaying the score, so the very concept of a “hello, world” program doesn’t quite fit in with the whole XNA programming paradigm. 22 Part I The Basics In fact, XNA doesn’t even have any built-in fonts. You might think that an XNA program running on the phone can make use of the same native fonts as Silverlight programs, but this is not so. Silverlight uses vector-based TrueType fonts and XNA doesn’t know anything about such exotic concepts.

You use methods in the static TouchPanel class to obtain this input. Although you can obtain gestures, let’s begin with the lower-level touch information. GetCapabilities method. The TouchPanelCapabilities object returned from this method has two properties: ■ IsConnected is true if the touch panel is available. For the phone, this will always be true. ■ MaximumTouchCount returns the number of touch points, at least 4 for the phone. 49 50 Part I The Basics For most purposes, you just need to use one of the other two static methods in TouchPanel.

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