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You can only "fall through" in this way if there is no body within the statement. If you uncomment the WriteLine under LiberalRepublican, this program will not compile. 43 Programming C#, 2nd Edition C and C++ programmers take note: you cannot fall through to the next case if the case statement is not empty. Thus, you can write the following: case 1: // fall through ok case 2: In this example, case 1 is empty. You cannot, however, write the following: case 1: TakeSomeAction( ); // fall through not OK case 2: Here case 1 has a statement in it, and you cannot fall through.

In addition, C# supports the goto, break , continue, and return jump statements. 1 The goto statement The goto statement is the seed from which all other iteration statements have been germinated. Unfortunately, it is a semolina seed, producer of spaghetti code and endless confusion. Most experienced programmers properly shun the goto statement, but in the interest of completeness, here's how you use it: 1. Create a label. 2. goto that label. The label is an identifier followed by a colon. The goto command is typically tied to a condition, as illustrated in Example 3-10.

For example: int x; // a statement x = 23; // another statement int y = x; // yet another statement C# statements are evaluated in order. The compiler starts at the beginning of a statement list and makes its way to the bottom. This would be entirely straightforward, and terribly limiting, were it not for branching. There are two types of branches in a C# program: unconditional branching and conditional branching. Program flow is also affected by looping and iteration statements, which are signaled by the keywords for , while, do, in, and foreach.

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