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If the analysis uses the mode superposition method (using the reduced mode extraction technique), the DOF order is the same as the original order (see next record). (l(i),i=1,nmrow) --- i 1 nmrow+1 Original reduced set of DOFs used. The DOFs are calculated as (N-1)*numdof+DOF, where N is the position number of the node in the nodal equivalence table and DOF is the DOF reference number given above. c c c If the analysis uses the reduced method, the original DOF order, plus the number of nodal constraints (nbcdsp), is stored.

File format ********** c c c recid tells the identifier for this record. Not all records will have identifiers -- they are only indicated for those records whose record pointers are stored in the second file header. RDSP FILE HEADER fun10, nmrow, nmatrx, nmode, numdof, maxn, wfmax, lenbac, ngaps, ncumit, kan, nres, ndva, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, ptrDOF, ptrDNC, ptrSTF, ptrMAS, ptrDMP, ptrFRQ, ptrDSP,ptrSTFh,ptrMASh,ptrDMPh, ptrFRQh,ptrDSPh, ptrDVA,ptrDVAh, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0 each item in header is described below: fun10 - unit number (rdsp file is 10) nmrow - number of rows/columns in matrices nmatrx - number of reduced matrices on the file nmode - number of modes extracted during modal analysis (or nmrow if reduced method) numdof - number of dofs per node maxn - maximum node number wfmax - maximum wavefront lenbac - number of nodes ngaps - number of gaps ncumit - total number of iterations done during analysis kan - analysis type = 5 for reduced transient analysis nres - number of residual vectors used ndva - length of DVA 0 - position not used 0 - position not used 0 - position not used 0 - position not used 0 - position not used 0 - position not used 0 - position not used ptrDOF - pointer to degree of freedom set ptrDNC - pointer to nodal constraints ptrSTF - pointer to the reduced stiffness ptrMAS - pointer to the reduced mass matrix ptrDMP - pointer to the reduced damping matrix or mode shapes ptrFRQ - pointer to the frequencies ptrDSP - pointer to the calculated displacements ptrSTFh- High part of reduced stiffness ptr Programmer's Manual for ANSYS .

All rights reserved. Contains proprietary and confidential information of ANSYS, Inc. and its subsidiaries and affiliates. 19 Chapter 1: Format of Binary Data Files c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c of items in this record is NL*2*nodstr for layered shells and NL*nodstr for layered solid elements. * For layered membrane elements (SHELL181, SHELL281, SHELL208, and SHELL209 with KEYOPT(1)=1), the record contains temperatures for each layer at each corner node. Therefore, the number of items in this record is NL*nodstr.

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