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While you are searching for the final word in common sense puzzles that require natural deductive reasoning then this is often the 1st of 2 collections for you. whether you're new to good judgment puzzles, the startlingly uncomplicated directions and crystal transparent grids supply a simple advent to this absolutely soaking up and intellectually stimulating hobby. each puzzle is a whodunnit in its purest shape with each one grid being a scene of crime, every one digit representing a possible suspect and every clue delivering very important forensic proof. despite the fact that, in contrast to these deceptive homicide mysteries, there are not any lateral-thinking conundrums, no ambiguous directions, no contradictory revelations and no requirement for expert wisdom. by way of picking out ability, reason and chance in addition to relocating from the prospective to the possible to the provable, each 'crime' contained herein will be solved through the use of natural mind and cause: all you would like is the notion and perseverance to spot and pursue the correct line of enquiry.

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In option (i) MC is a 2 so circle the other digits in MC. Circle the 2 in MD. C must be 23555 so circle all of the other 2s, 1s and 4s in C. This means both CK and CL are 3 but there is only one 3 in C. Therefore option (i) is incorrect so option (ii) must be correct. In option (ii) MD=2. Delete all of the other digits in MD and the 2 in MC. D now has a 2 so D=12244. Delete the 5s and 3s in D. DK=4 and DH=2. 43 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Delete the other 2s in D and H.

The only 4 in F is at FS so FS=4 so delete all other digits in FS. • Therefore FR=2 so delete the other 2s in F and in A. • The following are the only possible positions for the indicated digits by elimination so delete all other digits in these squares and any of the same digits remaining in the appropriate lines as you mark them off: DN=1, FN=7, HN=2, HP=1, HS=6 (deleting the adjacent 6 in GT), HR=7, ER=6, ES=1, ET=7, DP=2, GT=1, FT=6, FM=1 and GM=6. • The whereabouts of the 36 digits have now been deduced.

Delete all other 6s in B, P and all diagonally adjacent squares to BP. • BM and BN are 1 and 2 (order unknown) so delete the 1 in CN. • DL=5 so delete all other 5s in D, L and all diagonally adjacent squares. • GL=6 so delete all other 6s in G, L and all diagonally adjacent squares. • GM and GN are 4 and 5 (order unknown) so delete all 4s and 5s in FN. • BJ and BK are 3 and 5 (order unknown) so delete all 3s and 5s in CJ and CK. • There is no 5 in (c) so delete (c) 1/3/5 option. • GM is 5 or 4 so delete (h) 1/3/6 option and all 6s in (h).

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