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This consultant presents a complete description of the gains and implementation of Fortran seventy seven. perfect as a textual content from which to benefit a moment language, or as a reference advisor to a primary or major language.

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The normal rules for assignment statements apply: for arithmetic types suitable conversions will be applied if necessary; character strings will be truncated or padded to the required length. Note that substring references are not permitted in character constant expressions. PARAMETER statements are specification statements and may precede or follow type statements. But any type (or IMPLICIT) statement which affects the data type or length of a named constant must precede it. Subject to these rules, PARAMETER statements are permitted to precede IMPLICIT statements.

125 Note that conversion from real to double precision cannot produce any information not present originally. 3333333432674408... which is no closer to the value of one third than R was originally. e. rounded towards zero. This makes it especially important to provide a decimal point at the end of a real constant even if the fractional part is zero. 0, which does not exist. 75 Restrictions Certain arithmetical operations are prohibited because their results are not mathematically defined. For example dividing by zero, raising a negative value to a real power, and raising zero to a negative power.

Undefined values must not be used in expressions. 11). 6 Arrays An array is a group of memory locations given a single name. The elements of the array all have the same data type. In mathematics the elements of an array a would be denoted by a1, a2, a3, and so on. In Fortran a particular array element is identified by providing a subscript expression in parentheses after the array name: A(1), A(2), A(3), etc. Subscripts must have integer type but they may be specified by expressions of arbitrary complexity, including function calls.

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