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All children are vulnerable to the 'bad faith' practices of adults and these communicate themselves effectively to children. Laing 1 writes 'Other people become a sort of identity kit, whereby one can piece together a picture of oneself. Questions about who one is are answered for the child by asking others. But these questions are mostly asked implicitly by acting in particular ways and finding out what happens to other people when one does. But what if a child's parents and relatives are secretly affronted by the child?

There may also be reduced comprehension of spoken or written words, or an inability to find the appropriate word although Are Two Brains Better Than One? 35 comprehension is relatively intact. When the right hemisphere is involved, a more nebulous group of visuospatial syndromes are apparent. The patient may be unable to recognize what has hitherto been familiar topographical territory; he may be unable to reconstruct geographic and geometric diagrams; he may not recognize familiar faces (prosopagnosia) and he may have considerable difficulty in dressing, even neglecting the left half of his body.

These distinctions probably explain why adults with acquired dyslexia (usually as a result of left hemisphere injury) have particular difficulty in reading aloud low frequency, abstract, or non-imageable words such as 'spate' or 'lilt'. , 'rock' for 'stone', 'lass' for 'girl' etc. It seems as if these patients, with impairment of a left hemisphere phonological processing system, are forced to rely upon an alternative and possibly more primitive nonphonological process involving the direct whole-word recognition of meaning.

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