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Send method to send the e-mail. catch block so that we can alert the user if the e-mail isn’t sent—we do this by adding a block of text to the output of the Thanks view. A better approach would be to display a separate error view when the e-mail can’t be sent, but we want to keep things simple in our first MVC application. Summary In this chapter, we created a new MVC project and used it to construct a simple MVC data entry application, getting a first glimpse of the MVC Framework architecture and approach.

As things stand, pressing the Submit RSVP button just clears any values you’ve entered into the form—that’s because the form posts back to the RsvpForm action method in the Home controller, which just tells MVC to render the view again. n Caution You might be surprised that the input data is lost when the view is rendered again. NET Web Forms, which automatically preserves data in this situation. We’ll show you how to achieve the same effect with MVC shortly. To receive and process submitted form data, we’re going to do a clever thing—we are going to add a second RsvpForm action method in order to create the following:  A method that responds to HTTP GET requests: Note that a GET request is what a browser issues normally each time someone clicks a link.

The MVC Framework can then automatically render a display or an editor UI for your model classes into your views.  Validation, which is performed during model binding and applies rules that can be defined as metadata. We briefly touched on model binding and validation when we built our first MVC application in Chapter 3, and we will return to these topics and investigate further in Chapters 17 and 18. NET implementation of MVC aside and think about domain modeling as an activity in its own right.

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