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By Lora Leigh, Michelle Rowen, Ava Gray, Jory Strong

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A Kiss of Shadows

“My identify is Meredith Gentry, yet in fact it’s no longer my genuine identify. I dare no longer even whisper my actual identify after darkish for worry that one hushed be aware will shuttle over the evening winds to the tender ear of my aunt, the Queen of the Air and Darkness. She wishes me lifeless. I don’t even recognize why. ”Meredith Gentry, Princess of the excessive courtroom of Faerie, is posing as a human in l. a., dwelling as a P.

Abandon the Night

The 3rd installment in a brilliantly darkish, certain paranormal global by means of Colleen Gleason, writing as Joss Ware. From the raging fires, 5 males emerge with impressive new powers. they're humankind's final desire . . . yet they can't live to tell the tale this darkish, ravaged international on my own . . . Quentin Fielding had every little thing.

Mercy Blade (Jane Yellowrock, Book 3)

Jane Yellowrock, a shape-shifting rogue-vampire hunter-for-hire, is now taking blood funds from the very vamps she used to seek. yet issues commence heating up within the tremendous effortless while weres announce their life to the area, and revive the sour tensions that run among them and their outdated enemies -- vampires.

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His hair was a bit longer than the short-cropped cut I was used to. And he had an easy grin on his face that was as unfamiliar as the dark blue suit he wore. “You look like you’ve just seen a ghost,” he said. ” But I wasn’t as shocked as I could have been at his appearance. It felt right, as though I was accustomed to seeing him like this. ” “Well . . different. ” “Nothing happened. That’s just the thing. I’m not a dhampyr. I’m not a hunter. I don’t get a scar every time I get cut or shot. ” He raised an eyebrow.

Jackson drew close enough to me that I could smell his spicy aftershave. His gaze swept the length of me. “But you’re a woman of passion. ” He reached forward and twisted a piece of my long black hair around his index finger before leaning closer to me. “I can fill them, Jill. ” It was warm outside—easily over ninety degrees—and Jackson’s body heat only made it warmer. A trickle of perspiration slid down my spine. He was hitting on me. That didn’t seem like something someone should do to a buddy’s female companion, even in an unusual relationship like mine and Declan’s.

Lawrence took a shaky breath and nodded. ” Declan’s voice didn’t hold a whole lot of empathy. He held on to me so tight I thought my arm might bruise—sometimes Declan didn’t know his own dhampyr strength. But I didn’t try to pull away. “You having a vampire assistant, no matter what the story is behind it, doesn’t make me feel all warm and fuzzy about being here. ” Dr. Reynolds adjusted his glasses. The stiffness in his expression made me think he was having trouble speaking cordially to Declan.

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