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The one attainable replacement to the most well-liked and followed open resource and light-weight company Java-based Spring Framework, JBoss Seam is the up and coming challenger to Spring. JBoss Seam deals extra adherences to Java EE five criteria than does Spring, and is a key promoting aspect to many potential Seam builders and clients. the 1st and merely ebook of its variety, useful JBoss Seam net 2.0 improvement, is a sequence of sensible program eventualities which demonstrates the character of the recent open resource light-weight Java EE five (JSF-EJB3)-standards dependent JBoss Seam framework, its efficacy and its boundaries. The scenarios/cases can be selected to illustrate particular parts of the framework (e.g., easy internet program improvement, wealthy net consumers with AJAX, etc.). Real-world circumstances can be used the place attainable.

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It extends it to support the broader array of component types supported by Seam, as discussed earlier in this chapter. Seam components can be POJOs, JavaBeans, or EJBs, and they can be used in JSF and non-JSF contexts, so naturally Seam can’t rely strictly on JSF configuration files to configure its components. Also, Seam simplifies component configurations by giving you the option to specify these component name bindings using code annotations rather than as entries in an XML configuration file.

Any component can trigger an event anywhere in its business code, and any component operations on the notification list will be invoked. Integrated Pageflow with jPDL Seam integrates jBPM into the framework in two ways. First, it’s used to implement a rich pageflow capability. The jBPM Process Definition Language (jPDL) supports more complex and robust pageflows than JSF navigation rules can provide. jPDL pageflows are stateful, in the sense that the flow is defined as transitions between explicit, named states.

Xml). xml file, since there are often page-specific settings that you want to provide, and this is the logical way to do that in Seam. CHAPTER 2 ■ SEAM CONFIGURATION AND ADMINISTRATION Summary This chapter provided a summary of the configuration and administration requirements for a Seam application. You started with a look at how the application server is configured to properly run Seam applications. 4 application server. Next, you learned how a Seam application itself is configured, in terms of the libraries and configuration files that need to be present to “Seam-enable” an application.

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