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By Kalevi J. Holsti

During this ebook, Professor Holsti ways the research of the origins of struggle and the rules of peace from a brand new point of view. He asks 3 interrelated questions. Which matters generate clash? How have attitudes towards warfare replaced? And, what makes an attempt were made traditionally to create overseas associations and orders which may deal with, keep an eye on or hinder foreign conflicts? beginning with the peace treaties of Munster and Osnabruck of 1648, Kalevi Holsti examines 177 foreign wars. via those, he identifies the diversity of conflict-producing matters and the way they, in addition to the attitudes of coverage makers to using strength, have replaced during the last 350 years. He demonstrates how the hot orders confirmed through the good peace-making efforts of 1648, 1713, 1815, 1919 and 1945 tried to unravel the problems of the prior, but few effectively expected these of the long run. certainly, a few created the foundation of recent conflicts.

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Asked to approve his measures to continue the war, the Parlement in Paris rebelled, forcing Mazarin to extricate France from the German theater and to agree to peace negotiations. Mazarin, however, was able to continue the war against Spain for another fifteen years. Throughout the 1630s and 1640s, there were peasant uprisings in France to prevent imposition of onerous taxes. Most of France's peasantry in the North was reduced to extreme poverty through taxation to pay for the war effort (Pages, 1949:239-40; Burkhardt, 1971:ch.

Finally, peace treaties often reaffirm international norms and conventions, including prior peace treaties (cf. Randle, 1973). But some peace treaties represent more than the settlement of the issues that generated a previous war. They are expressions of the fact 21 ON THE STUDY OF WAR that, despite the rather dismal record of war occurrence, wars are great learning experiences. The costs, strains, and often the negative outcomes for all parties encourage governments to think about methods of preventing resort to arms in the postwar world.

He did not mention Hapsburg aspirations to expand imperial influence to the Baltic coast, thereby threatening Sweden's supremacy in the area, but he was well aware of the threat. He justified the Swedish intervention in more global terms: It will be sufficient to say that the Spaniards and the House of Austria [Holy Roman Empire] have been always intent upon a Universal Monarchy, or at least designed the conquest of the Christian states and provinces in the West... That House has made such a progress, that if this brave and generous northern prince [Gustav Adolph] had not bestirred himself, and opposed that torrent, she had pushed her ambition and arms to the most distant kingdoms and provinces, which have hitherto preserved and maintained their liberty...

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