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Contents: Preface. Lars BORIN: … and not the twain shall meet? I. Parallel and similar corpus tasks. Stig JOHANSSON: in the direction of a multilingual corpus for contrastive research and translation reviews. Anna S?GVALL HEIN: The PLUG undertaking: parallel corpora in Link?ping, Uppsala, G?teborg: goals and achievements. Margareta WESTERGREN AXELSSON and Ylva BERGLUND: The Uppsala scholar English Corpus (USE): A MULTI-FACETED source FOR study AND direction improvement. II. Linguistic functions of parallel corpora. Raphael SALKIE: How can linguists make the most of parallel corpora? Trond TROSTERUD: Parallel corpora as instruments for investigating and constructing minority languages. Christer GEISLER: Reversing a Swedish-English dictionary for the web. III. Computational instruments for parallel corpus linguistics. Gregory GREFENSTETTE: Multilingual corpus-based extraction and the Very huge Lexicon. Magnus MERKEL, Mikael ANDERSSON and Lars AHRENBERG: The PLUG hyperlink Annotator – interactive building of information from parallel corpora. Peter STAHL: development and processing a multilingual corpus of parallel texts. J?rg TIEDEMANN: Uplug – a modular corpus instrument for parallel corpora. IV. matters in parallel corpus annotation. Klas PR?TZ: Part-of-speech tagging for Swedish. Lars BORIN: Alignment and tagging. record of individuals.

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Siden attenårsalderen hadde han sittet inne i tilsammen ni år. (lit. ‘sit inside’) In (5) we note that the Norwegian translator has chosen a phrasal verb that lexicalizes the notion ‘stay the night’, while the German translator has the intransitive verb schlafen (‘sleep’) plus an adverbial. In (6) the German translator has opted for a congruent structure with verbringen, and the Norwegian translator has again picked a phrasal verb, here lexicalizing the notion ‘be in jail’. Other intransitive (or reflexive) verbs found in the material are: sich aufhalten (lit.

College Park, MD, USA: University of Maryland. 2–11. Simard, Michel, George F. Foster and Pierre Isabelle (1992), ‘Using cognates to align sentences in bilingual corpora’, in: Proceedings of the fourth international conference on theoretical and methodological issues in machine translation (TMI92). Montreal. 67–81. Simard, Michel, George F. Foster and Francois Perrault (1993), ‘TransSearch: a bilingual concordance tool’, Centre for Information Technology Innovation research report. Laval. Smadja, Frank, Kathleen R.

It is not necessary to choose between a translation corpus and a comparable corpus of matched original texts. Both can be accommodated within the same 58 Stig Johansson overall framework, as in the English-Norwegian Parallel Corpus, and each can then be used to supplement and control the findings arrived at on the basis of the other. This is why the same corpus can be used both for contrastive analysis and translation studies. Building such a corpus is not unproblematic, however. In the first place, the selection of texts is restricted by the types and quantity of texts that are translated.

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