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By Donald W. Boose Jr., Combat Studies Institute (U.S.), Army Combined Arms Center (U..S.)

501 pages.

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Alexander, who had developed methods of landing heavy equipment over beaches while supervising the construction of fortifications and lighthouses during prewar service, trained these engineers. In April 1862 in preparation for a proposed landing below Gloucester, opposite Yorktown on the York River in Virginia, Alexander directed the construction of amphibious assault vessels, including landing barges each capable of carrying and landing a battery of artillery. Pontoon boats originally intended for the construction of floating bridges served as 40-man infantry landing craft.

88 Given the forces then available, the Central Pacific drive was not yet feasible. On 2 July 1942 the JCS issued a directive to Nimitz and MacArthur giving them three tasks. Task One, seizure of Tulagi Island in the Solomons (where the Japanese had established a sea plane base), was to be carried out by Ghormley’s Navy and Marine Corps forces. Task Two, for MacArthur, was to seize the northern Solomon Islands and to clear the Japanese from Papua (the eastern part of New Guinea). ) The events that took place in the summer of 1942 affected the plans for Europe and the Pacific.

While Army–Navy cooperation was often good at the tactical level, those landings revealed problems in inter-Service cooperation and coordination and Army preparedness. In a preliminary operation on 10 June 1898, Lieutenant Colonel Robert T. Huntington’s 650-man Marine battalion temporarily based at Key West, Florida, was landed at Guantánamo, Cuba. The landing went 16 smoothly and, reinforced by some 60 Cuban insurgents, the Marines held off a Spanish attack with light casualties. 22 General William R.

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