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L:idp. J,ij i'fj %. i: ~. All we human beings do is infinitely various; Who can tell the right and wrong of it? And when this right and wrong have mutually created each other, Praise and blame go endlessly repeating themselves. Li Po, who died in 762 A. , was too self-centred for satire, let alone for humour; he is a poet rather than a man. But even he was moved by the crimes and disasters that must go with any age of glory. When we read the latter part of his 1IDG~m, (the title is taken from the first three words of a similar poem of Han times, "Fighting South of the Ramparts") we reel we are looking at Goya's Chinese Poetry 33 Desastros della Guerra or Rousseau's La Guerre.

It is its very life. Hsuntse says; i:iX~l1tt. :ti. ~ ~ ful(. ill w ~ #j£. ~ j~ ~ jjfi. ~~JIt(. QlJ Ml;;f,'jJl1ii. ifft. ili: ~ #j£. ~ /f~ t1;,i~ JIt(. )~. 1;, JIt(. Desire causes prejudice; evil, novelty, familiarity, distance, nearness, profundity, shallowness, the ancient, the modern, cause prejudice. All that is unorthodox causes prejudice. " Han Feitsu, who had to commit suicide in 230 B. , was a strange combination of criminal lawyer and Taoist. He was far from having a humorous mind, but some of the admonitory stories he tells in Chapters XXII and XXIII are amusing in their way.

The following confession of failure by the Superior Man is reassuring to us inferior men: 4 The Chinese Classics 23 lli Z ltU /f~ ±y, ;m 7t flU ~. Confucius said: "Women and underlings are the most difficult to deal with. " And one more utterance of despair which suggests a deep truth latent: * T r=::l. B 5:: :p.. 1§ ff· E off -tIL. m Confucius said: " It's no good! " Confucius should have noted that the very Chinese character for "like" or "love" contains the symbol for woman. What is deeper and stronger in human nature is what is better, and there is no need to groan over our preference for the beauty of woman, symbol of nature, and mother of the god.

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