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By Higgins S., Kotsovolos S., Raphaely D.

Oracle 9i software Developer's Guide-Large gadgets (LOBs) comprises details that describes the positive aspects and performance of Oracle 9i and Oracle 9i firm version items. Oracle 9i and Oracle 9i firm version have an analogous easy good points. even if, a number of complicated positive factors can be found basically with the company variation, and a few of those are non-compulsory. to take advantage of the Partitioning performance, decide on the Partitioning alternative.

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You Cannot Call OCI or DBMS_LOB Functions on a NULL LOB However, the drawback to this approach is that you must then issue a SQL UPDATE statement to reset the null LOB column — to EMPTY_BLOB() or EMPTY_CLOB() or to a value (for example,’Denzel Washington’) for internal LOBs, or to a filename for external LOBs. The point is that you cannot call one of the six programmatic environments (for example, OCI or PL/SQL (DBMS_LOB) functions on a LOB that is NULL. These functions only work with a locator, and if the LOB column is NULL, there is no locator in the row.

Note: Some programmatic elements use a mixture of UPPERCASE and lowercase. Connect as oe user. Enter these elements as shown. The JRepUtil class implements these methods. lowercase monospace (fixed-width font) italic Lowercase monospace italic font represents placeholders or variables. You can specify the parallel_clause. SQL where old_ release refers to the release you installed prior to upgrading. Conventions in Code Examples Code examples illustrate SQL, PL/SQL, SQL*Plus, or other command-line statements.

Valid places where empty LOB locators may be used include the VALUES clause of an INSERT statement and the SET clause of an UPDATE statement. ). , unless its a LOB attribute. However, you cannot use one of the six programmatic environment interfaces on a NULL LOB! Basic LOB Components 2-7 LOB Value and Locators Note: Character strings are inserted using the default character set for the instance. See Appendix B, "The Multimedia Schema Used for Examples in This Manual", for the definition of table Multimedia_tab.

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