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Message passing and expressions. Statements and control-flow mechanisms. Generally, these constructs are representative of what Java offers. The class construct is key in Java because it allows for objects to be defined to model the problem domain. Below that, variables and methods are defined, which correspond to data and code. Code abstraction result in hierarchical statement blocks (with optional local variables) and control flow mechanisms. Figure 3-1 illustrates this hierarchy. Java application consists of primitive values objects defined by class definitions consists of instance variables instance methods local variables assignment statements message passing control flow Figure 3-1: Hierarchical relationships of Java constructs.

5. Define using the following structure a class definition for cars. A car generally has abilities to start, move forward, move backward, Object, Class, Message and Method 15 stop and off. A car can also return to its relative location. The starting location is a value 0. class Car { Attributes: ... Methods: ... } 6. Distinguish between a client and a server. 7. A client communicates with a server by sending a ___________ to the server. The ___________ is a call on a ___________ of the server. 3 A Quick Tour of Java Earlier, we introduced key object-oriented concepts such as objects, methods and classes and how these may be ultimately used in a computer model.

In the code fragment below, the statement S is executed only if the boolean condition E evaluates to true: if (E ) S; A slight variation is the if-else statement which allows for an either-or choice. If the boolean condition E evaluates to is true and S is executed, then R would not. , the mappings given by each switch limb. The break statement causes flow-control to leave the switch statement immediately. In the case of the execution of statement S3 when E evaluates to c3, the absence of a break statement causes execution to continue to S4 instead.

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