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By Jesse Green

Nutcrackers: Devilishly Addictive brain Twisters for the Insatiably Verbivorous [Paperback]

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And -II Rome IVI J I for 11 BonuiWvasocluie-avJ .......... N U T C R A C K E R S: Missing Persons 37 F O L A F F U B G E D D T E V S P O A R U E C A I 0 L T I A L P R I R F H A S P C I M O C E H L V T D E S I R E G N I L L I H S 38 PUZZLE 5 Northwest Passage - % Man's progress has traditionally been toward the setting sun, as this Missing Person made clear. (Solution, page 146) relym I. - RPfiifp -niitv nf rnnfiuicnDc cifeinrn (1) I \I .. -.. I-~ V \lt --D:d * - 'J I - 2 "'F. - Xl}bXtls1s-slt \ ,, 4 Big Red is bad for dental work (6) (Cnonnnoer -sas-L Franz was an VXSssSC-nricinl writerl (8) -vss--v.

One thing is always true, however: Words end at the heavy black lines. ) Some letters are as a result "unchecked"-they have no words that cross them, that is. Also keep in mind that clue answers include plenty of proper nouns, a fair number of familiar foreign words, a bunch of abbreviations, and a few too many words that can best be described as obscure. The worst offenders among these-and we've kept them to a minimum-are the classically annoying crossword flora and fauna. We hate to include them, but sometimes there's no choice; and anyway, without a wildebeest or a yak here and there, could we really call it a puzzle?

For al Plbonu WllOt nr Vl>lkU (9 \ /} . 7 Ex-president screwed up recipe (6) 8 Officers messing up or getting in jams (6) 9 Her abniit 24-hnuir nerinds of shnck (4) 10 Level head prevails over pilot-is that material? (4) 11 Bonus clue N U T C R A C K E R S: Missing Persons 45 T N A R G S T E L R R I R E J C I P E 0 L z O R A E J T T A I E N A T A L D N I M H E R E E T P A L L A C E H T C L 0 0 H C S S 46 9 PUZZLE Dispiriting To uplift the country-it sounds paradoxical, but that was the aim of the dispiriting (Solution, page 148) Missing Person in question.

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