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In the efforts of Taiwanese educational globalization, English instruction was very much emphasized throughout primary and secondary education. In earlier history of education in Taiwan, English was only instructed in secondary schools as one of the compulsory classes. However, as to follow the trend of globalization and to connect with the world internationally, Taiwanese government started to push second language instruction into primary schools, targeting fifth and sixth graders in the elementary level in 2001, in order to cultivate their youth to become internationally competitive.

The communication can be said to be primarily transaction oriented: communicating information that is formal, precise, structured, and in an asynchronous manner. It is asynchronous in the sense that a response to, for example, a purchase requisition that is sent to the purchase manager via the ERP system is not expected to be responded to immediately. e. the Warehouse, Sales, Purchasing and Accounting Departments. In this way the student will get to know how his responsibility relates to the responsibility of others later on when entering a specific job in a specific department.

By doing this the students get a hands on experience in following the information flow across the departments involved. This is a unique experience possible in an educational context since in a typical job situation in a real business each employee will only be allowed to operate the parts of the process that belongs to the responsibility of the employee in the specific department where he or she is employed. Fig. 4. Information flow in and out of the ERP-system when running the Sales Process using the SAP ERP system The purchasing process, following a purchase-to-stock strategy, is introduced in exactly the same manner as the sales process for all students: first as a paper-based process where each student fills in paper documents, then by using the SAP ERP system to run the purchasing process.

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