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By Mark Lardas

A number of thousand local americans fought on each side throughout the American Civil warfare. They got here from numerous the tribes within the Indian Territory of present-day jap Oklahoma. They have been equipped into regiments of fixed riflemen â€" troops that may struggle from the saddle or dismounted within the plains and rolling hills. accomplice Indians have been equipped into regiments via tribe, with Cherokees finally elevating 3 regiments, and the Unionists have been geared up into the Indian Brigade of 3 regiments. This publication explores their lives from enlistment via to discharge and examines how they knowledgeable, lived and fought.

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70 Cleveland, Voyages, p. 91. 71 Samwell, Journal, 25 April 1778, Beaglehole, part 2, p. 1100. 72 Howay, "The Maritime Fur Trade," p. 9; and "Columbia" p. xxvii. The Maritime Fur Trade 15 best documented of these cases was Koyah's attack on the brigantine Lady Washington in June 1791. Koyah was the leading figure at the Haida village on Anthony Island. "74 Other traders were much less tolerant. When pilfering occurred on John Kendrick's Lady Washington, he reacted by capturing Koyah and mistreating him in a way that was shattering to the Indian leader's prestige.

London: G. G. and J. Robinson, 1798), 1: 348. 24 Edmund S. , A New Vancouver Journal of the Discovery of Puget Sound by a Member of the "Chatham's" Crew (Seattle: University of Washington Press, 1915), p. 40. 26 There were, of course, other factors that affected prices, including the growing scarcity of furs. However, the depletion of the sea otter was not as significant in the early 1790's as it was to be after the turn of the century. The Indians had learned to demand higher prices while furs were still relatively plentiful.

The explorer discovered that the Indians were deceiving his men by selling containers of oil that were partly filled with water. 43 Meares went as far as to claim that in their commercial transactions the Indians would play a thousand tricks. He was probably exaggerating when he added that Europeans were "more or less, the dupes of their cunning,"44 but it is undeniable that Indians behaved with confidence when they were trading. The Indians were able to assert their demands with such vigour that European captains had to modify their trading methods to accommodate them.

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