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By Yas Pal, National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) India

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6 RECREATING KNOWLEDGE These capabilities, practices, and skills of understanding knowledge such as work and associated practical intelligences have been completely neglected, and we are what we seek to develop through the school curriculum. Some of them readily lend themselves to still do not have an adequate curriculum theory to support the development of knowledge, skills and being formulated as ‘subjects’ of study such as mathematics, history, science, and the visual arts. Others, attitudes in these areas.

Failure to learn is currently being mechanically addressed through ‘remediation’, which usually means simply repeating lessons. Many teachers are also looking for ‘cures’ to set right the problems that some children may experience. They still find it difficult to individualise learning for children by building upon the strengths that children may have. • Teachers need to understand how to plan lessons so that children are challenged to think and to try out what they are learning, and not simply repeat what is told to them.

3 Forms of Understanding human behaviour in collective living, and their validation finally depends on the observations made in the society. Knowledge can be categorised based on distinct kinds of concepts and meanings involved and processes of With regard to the process of knowledge formation, Science and the Social Sciences are almost identical. validation and justification. Each involves its own kind of ‘critical thinking’, its own way of verifying and But there are two differences that are of great relevance in curriculum planning.

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