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By Gena Showalter, Susan Grant MaryJanice Davidson

Hunky werewolves, scrumptious demons and, drop-dead horny witches all have a similar address... 1000s of years in the past, within the mountains of Colorado (just shut sufficient to Denver for nice shoe shopping), the small city of Mysteria was once "accidentally" based by means of a random act of demonic kindness. through the years, it has turn into a veritable magnet for the supernatural-a position the place magic has quietly coexisted with the mundane global. it is a city like all different city, the place the excessive school's struggling with Fairies provide fanatics anything to cheer approximately, the place we all know your name-if now not precisely what you are-at the neighborhood bar, and the place the wishing good really lives as much as its identify. unusual occurrences ensue each day, yet now the women of Mysteria are approximately to unharness a tempest of seduction that may have tongues wagging for hundreds of years to come...

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On the stone in a cast-iron pan, four bone-in country ham slices, each a quarter-inch thick, sizzled in butter. While she finished cooking, she chattered from nervous excitement. The artificial barrier she'd erected between herself and Damon, one held in place by her lingering worries that he was a criminal, had crashed into so much dust. "So, how about that attendance at church today, huh? It's a miracle! " "Nay. Take credit where credit is due, Harmony. Word about your church has spread far and wide.

A derisive sound came up through the Hell hole, like a deep belch. The warm, moist breeze ruffled Damon's hair. 'Twas Lucifer himself answering him. Damon's lips pulled back over his teeth. "Are you such a coward that you send your minions to do your dirty work? " Damon raised the pitchfork. "Come on. Come up here and fight like a man. " At the sound of the familiar voice, Damon's heart plunged into his stomach. Harmony sounded poised at the razor's edge of hysteria. " With a sweep of the pitchfork, he took out several of the more brazen of the subdemons before her eyes, her wide, brown, disbelieving eyes.

Harmony gave her butt a defiant little shake. Her tight, red-sheathed butt. Harmony, behave yourself . Do I have to? It was almost like being a teenager again, except that the voice of reason she battled was her own. She turned back to the stove and heard a loud scratching noise behind her. " Then there was a splash, a prolonged sizzle, and an abbreviated squeak. html Whirling around, she caught Damon just as he sat back in his chair. He looked shaken and was trying to hide the fact. Harmony's brows went up.

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