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By John Ross

A San Francisco Chronicle top ebook of 2004 After spilling bourbon on Schnaubelt's grave, its pugnacious and extremely lifeless occupant turns into Ross's mentor, sidekick, and boozing better half via this epic telling of the hallucinatory, carnal, and ornery histories of the yank Left and John Ross's personal extraordinary lifestyles. Schnaubelt navigates us via his probably boundless progressive battleground, uttering cries of subversion from in the grave whereas attempting to stay out of earshot from the FBI snoop and native grocery store wealthy person buried within reach. Ross's personal story—hobo revolutionist, junkie, poet, and journalist is a contrapuntal to Schnaubelt's. Ross by no means takes himself too heavily, but his so much amazing trait is the honesty with which he techniques lifestyles, even whereas attempting to deconstruct his personal faults, own tragedies (including the demise of his one-month-old son), and imperfections. His pursuit of progressive politics and poetics is the consistent, usually spent together with his muse, innovative Mexico. Ross concludes with a visit to Baghdad as a ''human shield,'' sooner than the Anglo-American invasion, able to sacrifice his lifestyles as a part of his perpetual fight for justice. Award-winning author John Ross's memoir is galvanized from a tumbledown tombstone in California: The gravestone reads: E. B. Schnaubelt 1855–1913, ''Murdered through Capitalism.''

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