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Glance out for those public enemies--mosquitoes--as they're after blood! Mosquito adult females desire a meal of blood ahead of they could lay their eggs. they aim people and animals and zoom in for a ceremonial dinner. yet those bugs may possibly do extra damage than inflicting itchy welts. Mosquitoes may also cross alongside a couple of severe and lethal illnesses to these they chew. people have constructed a few how you can dispose of mosquitoes, from spreading chemical compounds to placing mosquito larvae-eating fish in ponds. but mosquitoes also are a meals resource for plenty of animals. with out those pests, birds, bats, and different animals within the meals chain should be affected. during this fascinating e-book, you could examine what makes mosquitoes just like and varied from different bugs. Close-up images and diagrams show striking information about mosquitoes' our bodies, either inside and outside. and you may practice actions that assist you know how mosquitoes feed and what you are able to do to maintain them away. examine extra approximately this fascinating member of nature's interesting Insect international!

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The person may go into a coma or even die. Aedes and Culex mosquitoes are two kinds of mosquitoes that frequently spread encephalitis. You’ve already seen the stripes that identify Aedes mosquitoes. The Culex mosquito also has stripes. The Culex mosquito has a light band on its dark proboscis. CULEX MOSQUITO 32 Like Anopheles, Culex mosquitoes lay their eggs in water. But their eggs lack wings. Culex mosquitoes help their eggs float by sticking them together to form an egg raft. 12 inches (3 mm) wide.

Aedes mosquitoes are unique in where they choose to lay their eggs. Instead of in water, they lay them on damp soil. This is often soil along streams or fields that are flooded to irrigate plants, like rice. About two days after the eggs are covered with T C A F O T I U Q S O M water, the larvae hatch. Then the larvae grow up in water. 28 Aedes eggs can survive dry conditions for up to nine months. DENGUE FEVER There are a number of different kinds of Aedes mosquitoes. One kind, MOSQUITO FACT called the Asian tiger mosquito, is noted for spreading dengue (DEN-gee) fever.

Thorax: the body part between the head and the abdomen. It is where the legs and wings, if there are any, are attached. virus: tiny organisms that can cause disease 44 DIGGING DEEPER To keep on investigating mosquitoes, explore these books and online sites. BOOKS DiConsiglio, John. : Deadly Mosquito Bites. New York: Franklin Watts, 2007. Learn more about the diseases mosquitoes spread. Morgan, Sally. Flies and Mosquitoes. Mankato, MN: Chrysalis Education, 2004. Compare mosquitoes to their cousins, the flies.

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