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By Christopher A. Mullin, Jeffrey G. Scott

content material: Biomolecular foundation for insecticide resistance : category and comparisons / Christopher A. Mullin and Jeffrey G. Scott --
Characterization of a cytochrome P450 answerable for pyrethroid resistance within the housefly / Jeffrey G. Scott and G.D. Wheelock --
Expression of the cytochrome P450 gene CYP6A1 within the housefly, Musca domestica / F. Cariño, J.F. Koener, F.W. Plapp, Jr., and R. Feyereisen --
law of the gene for drosophila P450-B1, a P450 isozyme linked to insecticide resistance / L.C. Waters, B.J. Shaw, and L.Y. Ch'ang --
Evolution of glutathione S-transferases linked to insecticide resistance in drosophila / Bruce J. Cochrane, Michael Hargis, Patricia Crocquet de Belligny, Frederick Holtsberg, and Julia Coronella --
Mechanisms of kdr and super-kdr resistance / M.P. Osborne and D.R. Pepper --
Cloning of a locus linked to cyclodiene resistance in Drosophila : a version procedure in a version insect / R.H. ffrench-Constant and R.T. Roush --
Molecular research of methoprene-tolerant, a gene in Drosophila thinking about resistance to juvenile hormone analog insect progress regulators / T.G. Wilson and C. Turner --
Cytochrome P450 monooxygenase genes in oligophagous Lepidoptera / might R. Berenbaum, Michael B. Cohen, and Mary A. Schuler --
results of the endophyte-associated alkaloid peramine on southern armyworm microsomal cytochrome P450 / E.N. Dubis, L.B. Brattsten, and L.B. Dungan --
Resistance to plant allelochemicals in Heliothis virescens (Fabricius) / Randy L. Rose, Fred Gould, Patricia Levi, Takimichi Konno, and Ernest Hodgson --
Resistance within the diamondback moth to pyrethroids and benzoylphenylureas / C.N. solar, Y.C. Tsai, and F.M. Chiang --
Insecticide resistance within the tufted apple bud moth, a polyphagous lepidopteran / Bruce A. McPheron and Edward J. Carlini --
Plant-allelochemical-adapted glutathione transferases in Lepidoptera / S.J. Yu --
Mechanism of insect resistance to Bacillus thuringiensis in Plodia interpunctella and Plutella xylostella / J. Van Rie, H. Van Mellaert, and M. Peferoen --
Tribolium as a version insect for research of resistance mechanisms / R.W. Beeman, J.J. Stuart, R.E. Denell, W.H. McGaughey, and B.A. Dover --
Esterase genes conferring insecticide resistance in aphids / L.M. box and A.L. Devonshire --
Insecticide resistance mechanisms within the German cockroach, Blattella germanica (L.) / Blair D. Siegfried and Jeffrey G. Scott --
Insect resistance to benzoylphenylureas and different insect progress regulators : mechanisms and countermeasures / I. Ishaaya --
Mechanisms of abamectin resistance within the Colorado potato beetle / J.M. Clark, J.A. Argentine, H. Lin, and X.Y. Gao --
detoxing of mycotoxins by means of bugs / Patrick F. Dowd --
Interactions of N-alkylamides with voltage-sensitive sodium channels / James A. Ottea, Gregory T. Payne, and David M. Soderlund --
Phytochemical antagonism of [gamma]-aminobutyric acid dependent resistances in Diabrotica / Christopher A. Mullin, Charles H. Mason, Jyh-Ching Chou, and J. Russell Linderman.

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Microsomes were also immuno-assayed in the insecticide susceptible S+ strain. 5% of the total. Also, the total amount of cytochrome P450 in LPR is much higher than in S+, consistent with previous results (15, 24). A calculation from the specific contents results in an estimation of 44-fold higher levels of immunologically reactive cytochrome P450 in LPR microsomes compared to S+ microsomes (40). e. a form not normally expressed in susceptible strains) or increased levels of a particular form(s) normally present in susceptible strains.

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