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Append(u"Fun") would change the list to contain the following items: ["Symbian", "PyS60", "MobileArt", "Fun"]. popup menu(choices, u"Select:") The popup menu() function displays a list of items in a popup dialog. You need to give a list of Unicode strings in the parameter list. You can also define a label which is the text that appears at the top of the list. This function returns the index of the chosen item in the list. If the user cancels the dialog by pressing Back, None is returned. 4. After selecting any of the choices and pressing ‘OK’, you should see a note appear with different text depending on which selection you made.

The simplest is to enclose the elements in square brackets: mylist = [u"Symbian", u"PyS60", u"MobileArt"] Each item in the list can be accessed by its index in square brackets after the list name: in the example, mylist[0] refers to the value "Symbian" and mylist[2] to "MobileArt". We can also assign values to specific items in the list: mylist[1] = "Python" You can access parts of the list easily with the [start:end] notation for the index – this is called slicing the list. For instance, mylist[1:2] returns a new list that includes the items ["Pys60", "MobileArt"].

Have fun with it! 3 Installation for Mac OS X Users 1. SIS files to your phone Connect your phone to your computer using the USB cable, then select ‘Data transfer’ or ‘Mass storage’ mode on the phone screen. The memory card of the phone is mounted as an external ‘hard drive’ and its content can be accessed by the Finder application on the Mac. You must have the memory card inserted into your phone. Copy the downloaded installation files to any folder on the memory card of your phone, for example, to the root.

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