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By Olav Istre (eds.)

In this booklet, world-renowned specialists describe the most recent advances in minimally invasive gynecologic surgical procedure and clarify why endoscopy is of key significance in such a lot of stipulations. Hysteroscopic instrumentation is defined and the applying of hysteroscopic recommendations in sufferers with polyps, fibroids, malformations and infertility is defined and evaluated. person chapters are dedicated to the present minimally invasive therapy of endometriosis, endometrial polyps and adenomyosis. The function of laparoscopy in gynecologic oncology and the laparoscopic method of hysterectomy are totally mentioned. a number of different purposes of laparoscopy are thought of, with insurance of ideas together with conventional directly stick laparoscopy, barbed suture and robot and unmarried port surgical procedure. Neurophysiology and using laparoscopic treatment to revive very important functionality are mentioned and issues of laparoscopic surgical procedure also are addressed.

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2. 8 %a) 78 (100 %) (8 had no desire) a The percentages are derived from the 100 % value of desired fertility one-quarter or one-half and one other group with a septum size larger than one-half of their uterus. 001). There were only four women in our study with the combination of a septum consisting one-quarter of their uterus and the diagnosis following a first trimester miscarriage. After metroplasty none of these women became pregnant, although all four had desired fertility. 160). 4 Discussion In our study we performed hysteroscopic metroplasty solely based on ULS findings.

4 Conclusion No difference is seen with regard to reproductive outcome between both electrosurgical techniques mentioned before, so the choice of technique depends on the cost of instrumentation, operating time, and rate of complication. The resectoscopes offer that advantage of no requirement for disposable or specific equipments because the unipolar electrosurgery unit is usually available in most operating rooms and also nonexpensive and readily feasible. On the other hand, because of the shorter operating time, the easier feasibility, the lower incidence of complications, and the general improved safety, in experienced hands the small-diameter hysteroscope technique is a valuable and valid alternative to resectoscopy and should be preferred for the septate uterus class Vb (Colacurci et al.

These solutions, when absorbed in large volumes, potentially cause hyponatremia and hypervolemia leading to neurotoxic coma or even death. In 1999 the first bipolar resectoscope was introduced (Loffer 2000). 9 % NaCl), which prevents the drop in serum sodium associated with nonelectrolytic solutions used with monopolar equipment (Berg et al. 2009). The electrical current passes through multiple tissues before its return to the generator in the monopolar technique, in the bipolar technique the electrical current is restricted between the two loops of the electrode, thereby decreasing electrical/thermal injury to adjacent tissues.

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