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Chapter 2 Lexical structure /* This is comment is illegal because it is on the same line */ #define Retail #define A /* This is comment is illegal because it is on the same line */ #define B /* This comment is illegal because it starts on the same line */ results in a compile-time error. Text that otherwise might form a conditional compilation directive can be hidden in a comment. The example // This entire line is a commment. #define Debug /* This text would be a cc directive but it is commented out: #define Retail */ contains no conditional compilation directives, and consists entirely of white space.

Unlike function pointers, delegates are object-oriented, type-safe, and secure. Delegate. A delegate instance encapsulates a method – a callable entity. For instance methods, a callable entity consists of an instance and a method on the instance. If you have a delegate instance and an appropriate set of arguments, you can invoke the delegate with the arguments. Similarly, for static methods, a callable entity consists of a class and a static method on the class. An interesting and useful property of a delegate is that it does not know or care about the class of the object that it references.

All Rights Reserved. 33 C# LANGUAGE REFERENCE pp-available-identifier: A pp-identifier-or-keyword that is not true or false pp-identifier-or-keyword: identifier-start-character identifier-part-charactersopt The symbols true and false are not legal pre-processing identifiers, and so cannot be defined with #define or undefined with #undef. =, && and || are permitted in pre-processing expressions. Parentheses can be used for grouping in pre-processing expressions. pp-expression: pp-equality-expression pp-primary-expression: true false pp-identifier ( pp-expression ) pp-unary-expression: pp-primary-expression !

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