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Get hands-on, step by step advice for utilizing home windows Workflow beginning to create process-managed purposes for Microsoft home windows. This reference bargains useful guideline and a CD with perform records and code samples.

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The operational condition management amounts to handling events that the runtime will fire from time to time given specific conditions, such as when the runtime goes idle or an instance sustains an unhandled exception. NET Web applications, and Windows Services. The basic process remains the same as far as WF is concerned for all of these (very different) host application types. NET console application and host the workflow runtime ourselves. This will help make the code the Visual Studio workflow project template inserts a little less mysterious.

Stopping the workflow runtime 1. cs open for editing, locate this line of code: _workflowRuntime = new WorkflowRuntime(); 2. DomainUnload += new EventHandler(StopWorkflowRuntime); 3. StopRuntime(); } catch (ObjectDisposedException) { // Already disposed of, so ignore... } // catch } // if } // if } The entire listing for the WorkflowFactory object is shown in Listing 2-1. We’ll not make any further changes until Chapter 5. Runtime; namespace WorkflowHost { public static class WorkflowFactory { // Singleton instance of the workflow runtime private static WorkflowRuntime _workflowRuntime = null; // Lock (sync) object private static object _syncRoot = new object(); // Factory method public static WorkflowRuntime GetWorkflowRuntime() { // Lock execution thread in case of multi-threaded // (concurrent) access.

Private static WorkflowRuntime _workflowRuntime = null;| // Lock (sync) object. private static object _syncRoot = new object(); 5. Notice that the field _workflowRuntime is initialized to null. Our factory will sense this and create a new instance of WorkflowRuntime. If workflowRuntime is not null, our factory won’t create a new instance but will hand out the existing instance. To do this, we’ll need to add a method designed to create and return our singleton object. Moreover, we’ll make the method static so that objects requesting the workflow runtime object don’t need to create instances of the factory.

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