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The default value is 0, and valid values range from 0 to 255. Specifies that the Record Route option in the IP header is used to record the path taken by the echo request message and corresponding echo reply message. The count must between 1 and 9. Specifies that the Internet Timestamp option in the IP header is used to record the time of arrival for the echo request message and corresponding echo reply message for each hop. The count must be between 1 and 4. Specifies that the echo request messages use the Loose Source Route option in the IP header with the set of intermediate destinations specified in HostList.

With some time and practice, you will be able to quickly convert many common binary values in your head. Because of the extremely large possible number of IP address232 (4,294,967,296)IP addresses are organized by class. There are three basic classes: Class A, Class B, and Class C. 3 defines the range and number of hosts included with each class of network. 3. IP Address Classes Class Address Range Number of Network IDs Number of Host IDs A 1-126 126 16,777,214 34 Part I: Exam Preparation Part I: Exam Preparation 35 B 128-191 16,384 65,534 C 192-223 2,097,152 254 Subnets and Subnet Masks If you assume that an IP address identifies a computer, it's fair to say that a subnet identifies where the computer is.

0/24 private range for its internal needs. 0/24 subnet. Each computer on the internal network is to be assigned its own statically configured IP address per the CIO's instructions. In cases in which there are more computers in a department than there are usable IP addresses in a subnet, two subnets may be assigned to the same department. For security reasons, a firewall will be used to prevent unauthorized inbound access to internal network clients from the Internet. The departments and total number of computers are as follows: • Administration: 25 computers • IS: 45 computers • Engineering: 55 computers • Sales: 35 computers Your task is to plan the required subnets for Gidget's Widgets using the IP range and instructions given to you by the president of the company.

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