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By Boaz Livny

Introduction.Chapter 1: creation to psychological ray.What Is psychological ray?Why Use psychological ray?The constitution of psychological ray.mental ray Integration.Command-Line Rendering and the Stand-Alone Renderer.mental ray Shaders and Shader Libraries.Indirect Illumination.Chapter 2: Rendering Algorithms.Introduction to artificial Lighting.Rendering less than the Hood.mental ray Rendering Algorithms.Scanline Rendering in Depth.Raytrace Rendering in Depth.Hardware Rendering.Chapter three: psychological ray Output.mental ray facts Types.The body Buffer.Frame Buffer Options.mental ray Cameras.Output Statements.Chapter four: digicam Fundamentals.Camera fundamentals and element Ratios.Camera Lenses.Host software Settings.Chapter five: caliber Control.Sampling and Filtering in Host Applications.Raytrace Acceleration.Diagnostic and BSP Fine-Tuning.Chapter 6: lighting and smooth Shadows.mental ray Lights.Area Lights.Host software Settings.Light Profiles.Chapter 7: Shadow Algorithms.Shadow Algorithms.Raytrace Shadows.Depth-Based Shadows.Stand-Alone and Host Settings.Chapter eight: movement Blur.mental ray movement Blur.Motion-Blur Options.Motion-Blur Render Algorithms.Host Settings.Chapter nine: the basics of sunshine and Shading Models.The basics of Light.Light shipping and Shading Models.mental ray Shaders.Chapter 10: psychological ray Shaders and Shader Trees.Installing customized Shaders.DGS and Dielectric Shading Models.Glossy mirrored image and Refraction Shaders.Brushed Metals with the sleek and Anisotropic Shaders.The Architectural

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The first three values specify a normalized rotation axis vector about which the rotation takes place. The fourth value specifies the amount of right-handed rotation about that axis in radians. Give a SFRotaiton3d R(x,y,z,a), -R(x,y,z,a) = R(x, y, z, -a) or -R(x,y,z,a) = R(-x,-y,-z,a) class SFRotation3d { class SFRotation3f { SFString double x, y, z, a; }; float x, y, z, a; }; The SFString object contains single string encoded with the UTF-8 universal character set typedef SFString std::string; SFTime The SFTime specifies a single time value typedef SFTime double; SFVec2{d|f}, SFVec3{d|f}, SFVec4{d|f} The SFVec2d and SFVec3d objects specify a two-dimensional (2D) vector and a three-dimensional vector respectively.

CTextureBackground represents the surrounding background using a textured box (Fig. 8). We can pre-store multiple backgrounds for the scene, but at any time only one background is selected. 5 Feature 41 Fig. 7 The subclasses of ILightFeature CTextureBackground #m_SkyAngle: MFFloat #m_GroundAngle: MFFloat #m_Transparency: MFFloat #m_Size: SFFloat #m_SkyColor: MFColorRGB #m_GroundColor: MFColorRGB #m_pLeftTexture: TAddress #m_pFrontTexture: TAddress #m_pBottomTexture: TAddress #m_pBackTexture: TAddress #m_pTopTexture: TAddress #m_pRightTexture: TAddress Fig.

Any data type prefixed with MF-is an array. The elements in the array have the same corresponding basic data type prefixed with SF-. '4'$PMPS … ^ Here, BasicType::TMF is an array template, which supports any operation of std::vector. 3 3 Architecture of Real-Time Rendering Engine Persistent Pointer: TAddress<> In addition, there is a template of TAddress, which encapsulates a pointer to an object of class T and its ID. The data members are declared as follows: UFNQMBUFDMBTT 5 DMBTT 5"EESFTT \ 4'*% *% 5 * Q QVCMJD 5* PQFSBUPS  \…^ 5 PQFSBUPS * \…^  5IF PUIFS NFNCFS GVODUJPOT BSF BT GPMMPXT … ^ TAddress overloads the operators of -> and *, and can be used as a pointer.

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