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By Kyongtae Ty Bae (Contributor), Philip Costello (Contributor), Sanjay Saini (Editor), Geoffrey D. Rub

This booklet describes present exam concepts and complex scientific purposes of cutting-edge multidetector computed tomography (MDCT) scanners. There are contributions from a number of distinct radiologists and clinicians. each one bankruptcy is written from a realistic viewpoint, in order that radiologists, citizens, scientific physicists, and radiology technologists can receive proper information regarding MDCT functions.

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Some vendors allow the user to control the extent of dose reduction to avoid an excessive drop in mA. Users can select desired image quality for AEC based on study indication irrespective of patient size. In fact, initial AEC studies have reported that selection of fixed tube current for scanning was associated with higher dose for small patients and lower dose for large patients [9, 13]. For clinical applications (such as CT angiography, kidney stone CT) that can tolerate higher image noise, the user can select a lower image quality requirement with AEC to achieve further dose reduction.

It is the basic quantity used for assessing the relative radiation risk to the tissue or organ. Effective dose represents a calculated quantity that accounts for the difference in radiosensitivity of different tissues. It compares relative radiation risk from different radiological procedures and is expressed in Sievert (Sv) [1, 2]. However, the principal dosimetric quantities that are displayed on the CT user interface include CT dose index volume (CTDI vol) and dose length product (DLP). These quantities can be applied to sequential or helical scanning for both single-slice or multislice scanners.

However, a wider collimation can limit the thinnest reconstructed sections. Conversely, although thin-beam collimation increases overbeaming X-rays, it allows reconstruction of thinner sections. Hence, beam collimation and pitch must be carefully selected to ad- 33 dress specific clinical requirements. For instance, a wider collimation and pitch greater than 1:1 are usually sufficient for CT angiography studies and screening CT examinations, such as CT colonography and renal calculus. Shielding Shielding devices can be used to protect radiosensitive organs such as the breast, eye lenses, and gonads in pediatric patients and young adults, as these structures frequently lie in the beam pathways.

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