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See Chapter 2 for more information. 12. A. Replicating WINS data allows local WINS servers on each subnet to answer queries instead of forcing the queries to cross subnets. See Chapter 7 for more information. 13. C. If the DHCP server isn’t authorized, it will not answer lease requests; therefore, the client will end up with no address. See Chapter 4 for more information. 14. B. 2 and later. See Chapter 2 for more information on DDNS. 15. B, C. VPN connections piggyback on top of regular dial-up or dedicated TCP/IP connections, and they require you to specify the name or address of the server you're calling.

It is a pair of rules that specify different source and destination addresses for the same protocol. com xlviii Assessment Test 29. What is the replication of DNS data from one server to another called? A. Replication pass B. Zone transfer C. Replication transfer D. Zone replication 30. If settings on a local machine conflict with settings assigned by a DHCP server, which of the following statements are not true? ) A. None of the conflicting settings will apply. B. The DHCP-assigned settings override the locally-assigned settings.

Connectionless systems optimistically assume that all data will get through, so the protocol doesn’t guarantee delivery or correct packet ordering. Think of shouting a message out of your window to someone walking by outside—there’s no guarantee that they’ll hear you, but it’s quick and easy. These optimistic assumptions mean that there’s no protocol overhead spent on these activities, so connectionless protocols tend to be fast. The User Datagram Protocol (UDP) (part of the TCP/IP protocol standard) is an example of a connectionless Internet transport protocol.

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