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Easy-to-understand solutions in regards to the most typical sorts of arthritis--osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis--with an emphasis on what humans can do to assist themselves.

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Mayo Clinic on Arthritis

Easy-to-understand solutions in regards to the commonest sorts of arthritis--osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis--with an emphasis on what humans can do to aid themselves.

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If you have fairly continuous symptoms for 4 or 5 years your condition is more likely to pose a lifetime challenge. Periodic examination of your joints and tests such as the sedimentation rate test can be done to monitor your rheumatoid arthritis. After 10 or 20 years the symptoms of inflammation, especially joint swelling, may stabilize, but joint deformities and some pain remain. The cyclic nature of rheumatoid arthritis presents researchers with one of the most confusing aspects of the puzzle.

Assistive devices do much the same thing. They are a means to an end. They make it easier for you to perform everyday activities, such as opening a stubborn jar or taking a shower. Medical supply houses and catalogs offer various items. Most of them are inexpensive and affordable by most people. Sometimes a little creativity is all you need. You can use plastic foam tubing, the kind used to insulate plumbing pipes in homes, to make tools and utensils easier to grasp. The insulation is available in different sizes and can be cut to fit all kinds of handheld devices.

The disease can strike at any time, but most often it develops between ages 20 and 50 years. An estimated 2 million Americans have rheumatoid arthritis, and roughly twice as many women as men are affected. Rheumatoid arthritis is probably an autoimmune disease. That's a disease in which your body's immune system attacks itself. Researchers suspect that an as yet unidentified agent, possibly a virus or a form of bacteria, stimulates the immune system to attack the invading agent. In autoimmune diseases, the cells usually engaged in fighting the invader become confused and instead attack your joints.

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