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By Sophia Hillan

Marianne, Louisa, and Cassandra Knight (May, Lou, and Cass) have been Jane Austen's nieces. She knew the women good, examining and stitching with them as they grew up. usually the themes of her witty letters, they have been nonetheless younger ladies whilst Jane died in 1817. but, their lives mirrored some of the conventions in their aunt's well-known novels. good-looking noblemen, rushing officials, and penurious priests sought her nieces' arms; similar to Austen's loved heroines, they knew good the trials of blighted love and the enjoyment of endurance rewarded and so they knew the sorrow of wasting their youth domestic. This e-book tells the tale of the way 3 ladies discovered themselves faraway from their aunt's mannered Regency England, to finish their lives in eire, a land riven with famine and land wars.""Offers an difficult vein of riches for Austenites.""-Library magazine, March 1, 2012

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The house is quite dull & melancholy, & it appears already a long time since I have seen any of you. My little darling Cassandra, I am afraid she will forget me, I hope you talk to her of Mama sometimes that she may be accustomed to the sound, sweet Angel! How I long to kiss her fat soft neck and her little sweet lips. I am very glad she has cut another tooth, & I hope she will have four by the time I return home, & not look quite so pale as she did. How happy you must have been riding ... I should have liked to have seen you very much, I suppose you did not venture to trot or canter, but you will another time, so poor little May was afraid!

While Lizzy and Marianne were still away at school, however, and Louisa, Charles, Cassandra and John were safely in the nursery with Sackree, other pressing matters needed attention. Catherine Knight, Edward’s adopted mother, had made her will in November 1808, and its contents were to be significant to her granddaughters. Mrs Knight was already an important figure in Jane’s life.

This house is very cold and dreary, but it would be very comfortable if it was well filled with Children, their playing and prattling would enliven us very much. We all Breakfast together at half-past nine o’clock, your Brothers then go out; & amuse themselves generally with a nice little green Chaise which Edward gets into & William stands up behind, then they guide it down the hills as fast as they can, & enjoy it extremely, they have got a Trap, Bat and Ball, likewise. Wm. comes in about 12 and does a few lessons, afterwards he takes a walk with Fanny & me, whilst Papa and Edward ride, we dine at ½ past 4, walk in the evening, drink tea at 8 or before, and your Brothers generally go to bed soon after, not knowing what to do besides.

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