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Problem your self with over a hundred clean paradoxes, puzzles, riddles, conundrums, be aware and quantity video games for the jaded, skeptical puzzlist. Over a hundred pages of finished solutions. nearly three hundred illustrations. "Excellent number of strange, offbeat, and entirely unique puzzles." — clinical American.

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You might require the players to undertake an extra quest of some sort in order to make up for their failure, especially if that failure was caused by their greed. On the other hand, you might decide that they have learned their lesson, and allow them to return to the Heart of the River and leave the sabre. If the PCs refuse to be heroes, powerful NPCs will send powerful agents to acquire the sword by whatever means are necessary and put an end to the curse. If the Sabre Does Its Work If the curse is removed, pure water once again spurts from the wormhole, and soon begins to clear the befouled lake.

The first wing attacks when the PCs enter the room. The second wing holds back and attacks three rounds later, trying to surprise any characters that have their backs turned. amount here equals 800,000 gp. 11. Babbling Brook From a hole in the ceiling of this long chamber, a considerable amount of water Sabreclaw wing (10): AC 2; HD 5**; hp 250 for wing; MV 120'(40'), 360'(120') flying; #AT 1 claw; D 1-12; Save F36; ML( 10; AL C; XP 425 each tumbles down to rush through a long trench leading to a hole in the floor at the opposite end.

He exists only to carry out the destruction of all civilization in the area. 31 Sabre (sword) +5 Alignment Lawful Intelligence 12, speech Abilities as Sabre 1. The sabre can attack by itself and move through the air as if flying. 2. The sabre can locate all secret doors within 10 feet up to 3 times per day. 3. The sabre can read magical writings and scrolls. 4. The wielder can inflict 4 times the normal damage for 1-10 rounds once per day. 5. The sword can detect all types of gems within 60 feet by pointing itself in that direction.

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