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By Kurt Smith

Seventy-five enjoyable puzzles to aid enhance mathematical and pondering talents. Decipher numerous clues through including, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, analyzing conscientiously, and utilizing powers of cause. move the knowledge onto grids which are supplied, and find the answer to a given set of conditions. "...the e-book is a pleasant number of challenge occasions that lecturers and scholars will take pleasure in using..."--Mathematics.

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Teresa read three times as many as Sam. 5. Bill is in room 208, which totaled 1 1 3 books. 6. Jennifer read half as many books as Tinzen. 7. There are just three students in room 2 1 4, including Jennifer, Jerry, and the winning student. 8. Dennis read ten more books than Nancy. 9. Bill read just one more book than Harry. 10. No one in room 2 1 4 read fewer than 2 1 books. 1 1 . The winning room included the person who read the fewest books. 1 2. The total number of books read in room 2 1 4 was 9 1 .

Here are a few clues: 1. Ms. Strudel bakes her cookies for 17 minutes 7 seconds. 2. Effie uses 2 chips fewer than Ruby does. 3. Ms. Applestreet bakes her cookies 51 seconds longer than Thelma does. 4. Ms. Spicer uses one less chip than Ms. Applestreet puts in her cookies. 5. Ms. Honeydew uses more chips than Ms. Spicer does. 6. Ruby isn't Ms. Honeydew. 7. Ms. Spicer bakes for less time than do either Miriam or Georgia. 8. The woman who bakes her cookies for 17 minutes 7 seconds uses 7 chips. 9.

Two of the guys did, including Baring. 2. The longest drive was hit with a driver, but not by Reed or Simon. 3. The shortest drive, 244 metres, was hit with a 5-wood, but not by Bates or Jake. 4. Desmond's drive went 257 metres, 4 yards shorter than Pym's. 5. The 2-iron drive went 263 metres, 20 fewer than Lester's. 6. Lyle used the 5-wood. 7. Henry and Rivers each used their 3-woods. Henry's went 23 yards farther. See answers on page 89. 09 = metres 46 Desmond Simon Lyle Lester Henry Jake 257m 283m 263m 244m 261m 28 2m 3-wood 2-iron driver 5-wood 47 Lunch at Paul's Paul invited some friends for lunch and asked each to bring two items.

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