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By Angela Knight

Witch Lark McClure has survived a vicious vampire assault that shook her self assurance and left her being affected by emotions of helplessness and worry. the very last thing she wishes is a partnership with Gawain, a good-looking vampire knight who capacity to seduce her each probability he gets.

Gawain believes he wishes Lark for something and something only—and it’s no longer her ability with magic. within the technique, he plans to assist her conquer her worry and convey her the excitement to be present in a vampire’s arms.

But whilst ardour sizzles among Lark and Gawain, a revenge-driven killer pursuits them. If he has his method, Lark, Gawain, and the area itself can pay the price.

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Anything afterward would have healed whenever he turned into a wolf. Damn, he'd led a hard life even before he drank from Merlin's Grail. Who'd have thought a man who'd been a warrior so many centuries could be so… sweet. She smiled slightly, realizing Gawain would probably hate hearing himself referred to in those terms. Her gaze drifted down to his groin, where that erection of his still pressed hopefully against his fly. Not even the Daysleep had been able to discourage it. Yet all he'd done was hold her.

CHAPTER FOUR Lying next to Gawain's big body, Lark realized, was conducive to anything but relaxation. " The Daysleep would put him out like a light. Then, maybe, she could sleep. " He rolled over on his side and braced his head on his arm. Biceps shifted temptingly in the light of the fire. " She snorted. " "What was it like growing up in the twentieth century? " "What techno toys? You know what a firefighter makes? We were doing good to afford McDonald's on Saturday night. " "Grandfather, and he was a paid fire chief.

He laughed. " Gawain looked down at his sword. " Your body woke me. It says to tell you it's pissed. Tell it I heard it the first time. " He hung Kel's scabbard over the bedpost. Why aren't you seducing her? You need to feed, Gawain. You've gone too long without a woman. You're going to get weak. What if… She's afraid of me, Kel. The dragon went silent, shocked. But… I'll explain later. Sleep. As he watched, the dragon stiffened, his body seeming to solidify as though it were the steel it resembled.

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