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By A?mad Zaki Man?ur ?ammad

Mary and Jesus: A mom and her son. for far of the realm and for lots of lengthy centuries, a divisive and infrequently acrimonious dispute has founded on those nice humans. To truly include and think about the reality approximately Mary, as preserved within the Quran, is not any under an workout in religious improvement. Mary's honor, morality, endurance, get to the bottom of, love and gentleness make her a version for the seeker of any geography, age, or gender.

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He said, "Aiy Lord, indeed the bones within me have weakened with age arid the hair on my head is lit with gray. Your servant is now aging. Yet never in praying to You, my Lord-in a long life of devotion and worship--have I been left unhappy, for You hear every sincere plea and confer upon Your servants much favor such that all gratitude cannot match Your care and generosity. "My plea is worthy, 0 Lord, for it is burdened with concern for Your religion and Your people, and I fear for my kinsfolk coming qfter me--when my earthly life ends.

And we are hopeful for your protection, and request that we not suffer injustice from you. Thereafter ja'far recited to al-Najashi verses from Surat Maryam that tell of the miraculous birth of Jesus (rli. :" A Thematic Outline if Surat Maryam Surat Maryam touches on several principal issues of religion that the Quran as a whole details: 1. Belief in one God, who alone brings into existence what­ ever He wills in any way He wills, and that to Him is the ultimate destiny. He alone is the giver of provision, well­ being, and, above all, divine guidance leading to faith and excellence in character and morality.

A Muslim delegation, with Jacfar ibn Abi Talib at its head, was summoned to the court to answer the charges. Jacfar stood before the king and the attendant bishops and defended the case of Islam and that of the believers. He said: o King, we were a people steeped in ignorance, worshipping idols, eating carrion, committing abominations, severing relations with kinship, and ill-treating onr neighbors. The strong among us devoured the weak. This had been our way until God sent us a Surat Maryam: Context and Themees 27 messenger from among ourselves.

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