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A gatekeeper came out, and we explained we were going to visit Mr. S. L. Clemens and that as we were late we'd appreciate it if he'd let us go straight through. Not at all! That we were late meant nothing against the rules and regulations. The gatekeeper was very sorry, but as he had no instructions about us, we must wait while he telephoned Mr. Clemens' house. We explained that Mr. Clemens had said he would give instructions to admit us, but that made no impression. He still must telephone.

Later he lost his wife. His other two daughters are still with him. Clara Clemens is a singer and making good on her own account. " I had admired Mark Twain during the whole of my short life. I had been more or less brought up on his books, for my grandfather, who was a literary person, had told me Mark Twain stories long before I was old enough to have them read to me. To look at him, as a cat might look at a king, or a visitor to an art gallery might regard a rare and precious painting, was the height of my ambition.

Quite often at luncheon I would look up to see him standing beside me, with the steward ready with a chair to put next to mine. "I just thought I'd come along to see what you were doing," he would say, not even looking at the table he had left, al- Page 25 though generally by this time someone at it was expressing in pantomime disapproval of his desertion. Once when he had had only the soup course at his own table, he joined us and ordered some baked potatoes done in a way of which he was especially fond.

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