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By Joanna Phoenix

This booklet presents a compelling research of the stipulations during which girls are sustained inside of prostitution in Britain on the finish of the millennium. in accordance with an incredible empirical examine, it's a distinctive glimpse into how a few ladies, who reside lives thoroughly torn aside by means of poverty, violence and criminalization, may be able to comprehend their lives in prostitution and make experience of the alternatives they make (including their involvement in prostitution) of their struggles to survive.

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402). Without wishing to overstate the point, as constituted in British law, prostitution (as the activity of selling sex) is defined in terms of a category of persons Prostitutes, Prostitution and the Law 25 (that is, ‘common prostitutes’), which is in turn defined in terms of the activity of selling sex. It is in an examination of the reasons for retaining the category of offenders called ‘common prostitutes’ that the clear distinction the law draws between prostitutes and non-prostitute women is most visible.

Matthews (1986, p. 192) interpreted the introduction of the Sexual Offences Act 1985 as signalling a shift in the approach to the ‘problem’ of prostitution: Although the Criminal Law Revision Committee maintain a formal commitment to Wolfenden’s style of regulationism, there is clearly a marked shift in approach towards a more overt and more systematic ‘enforcement of morals’, together with a broader shift to the Right, and a gradual erosion of that brand of liberalism which once underpinned Wolfenden’s approach.

The point I am making here is that rather than pathologising prostitutes’ bodies (as happened in the earlier invocation of prostitution as a problem of public sexual health), in late-twentieth-century Britain it is prostitutes’ behaviour that has been increasingly scrutinised as different and threatening at the same time as pathologised. The construction of prostitution as a threat to public sexual health has been rejuvenated by the depiction of prostitutes as engaged in high-risk behaviour and as being the ‘bridge’ for HIV/AIDS transmission into the wider population.

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